Sunday, January 6, 2013

For all the Males: Women are not rag, But are an Object of Worship

Despite all the happy greetings I wrote and even happier replies I received, I remain more skeptical about the shape of things to come. I see obscured days in the coming years.... Especially in the Indian subcontinent, 2013 started with great tragedy in the history of human civilization. -tragedy that will be remembered by many for eons.

The memory of how an innocent lady lost her life will not easily fade away. The way she battled but ultimately lost her precious life to the most savage, brutal and inhuman act called 'gang rape' will remain imprinted in the minds of many. It is disheartening and distressing thing to see how human society have degenerated in a wink of few decades. I am deeply disturbed. I share the pains of her bereaved family and I offer my prayers for the departed soul.

I felt embittered and horrified. Like the millions around the world, I strongly condemn such a coward act.    Rape, to me is a crime which have no fitting punishment, -not even death sentence! Not even solitary confinement for life! Not even public hanging!! These are too petty punishment compared to the magnitude of the crime they have committed. As suggested by many, they deserve a life long torture!

But on the other hand, we should know that condemnation is a short term measure. It will surely not eradicate this social illness from our society. Therefore there is a urgent and genuine need for the corrective measures. Its a call for everyone to shoulder a bigger moral responsibility towards our society. If we think its an alarm bell, then its high time that we wake up now and do the needful. 

Each time I read an update about the victim, it brought me more fears. It made me question the safety and security measures of this great nation. It made me sad and I often broke down thinking about the poor victim whom I do not even know. I felt pathetic and helpless for the fact that some of our human brothers have completely lost respect and regard for women who are otherwise our sisters, mothers and daughters. It is absolutely heartbreaking thing to observe that 'women' who are otherwise a towering pillar of our society are now considered worse than a commodity in the super market.  

Now, if you think you are a loving son, caring father and endearing brother of an equally loving, caring and endearing mother, daughter and sister, then lets make a better world for them to live. Lets respect them. Let us not give them a reason to worry. Let us make them feel safer in our presence and let us all bring back their lost smiles. Our society need them and need them in good condition, happy and free. Let us all not forget that Women are not rag, but are an object of worship.

Very happy belated new year once again. I hope this year bring lot of happiness and success to all of us. May this year mark the beginning of all the good times for entire humanity. 


Leoparsica said...

Yes, the incident was worst than tragic, even horrific and totally inhumane. The pain incurred by the victim (now deceased) and her family is beyond the human capacity to bear. Yet I join PSN in expressing the condolences and may the soul of the deceased rests in peace.
May there be no such brutality against women henceforth.

Monu GhishYing Tamang said...

It is really touching post. I too broke down on hearing her sudden leave taking for ever. I was hopeful that she would be back because she has great will to fight all odds.
She was to be physiotherapist, who manage the pain of the patients, but it is so brutal of those inhumane beasts who caused insurmountable pain that she could not manage and resist her own pain.
Prayers that this would never happen in any space in future in any part of the world.

Tshewang Dorji said...

An unfortunate incident!
On other hand it is but a lesson we need to learn.
May her soul rest in peace!.

Lekey Wangdi said...

It is indeed a sad moments but the fact of the matter is that is just a tip of ice berg. The problems with the society in general is that we discuss the " Ends" not the "means". "Rape" is an result and we forget the cause.

The Philospoher " Osho" has mentioned that, in in eastern part of world espicially like India, there will be more incident like what we witnessed. Because we condemn which we should not have condemned.

We never give value education. Reproductive and Health education including sexual and gender are not given. The society keeps on condemning everything instead of tranforming. Transformation is needed and that cannot be done one momenet of protest or candle light on the eve of one incident. It should be continued efforts.


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