Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Jigme Y. Thinley, The Man Whom The Mighty Feared

Former Prime Minister of Bhutan
Of late there has been a number of news associated with the intended resignation of our former and the first democratically elected Prime Minister of Bhutan. The reasons for his untimely resignation sound rather enigmatic but its not that surprising. Precedent was already set. When the erstwhile president of PDP, a man known more for his action, resigned after a humiliating defeat in 2008, he disappeared altogether from the scene without a trace. His disappearance did not have a credible justification neither to the party nor to the supporters. To this effect, his vehement critics have labelled him to a worst case cowardice. Like it or not, his absence created a visible sense of loss for Bhutan's infant democracy. 

Now that its 2013 and we had our second election. But here we are on verge of loosing yet another party president. And this time Bhutan is nearing to loose a leader who possess an unrivaled caliber, charisma, confidence, and character in terms of leadership. I think its is  an unpalatable and distressing thing to hear. Loosing a man who had served the country, king and people with unquestionable integrity and loyalty for decades, for no obvious reason is truly a sad affair. 

Thanks to 2013 election, we now have a government that has promised to bring change and power to the people. But with each passing day, how that government came into power is becoming a very debatable issue. There are people who believe that our politics got dirtier and our election, even nastier. The meddling role India played in our election became evident. Withdrawal of the subsidies with no formal communication in the middle of our electoral process was very a unfortunate incident. Its more saddening thing that our closest neighbor and best friend even failed to consider the sensitivity of the timing. 

All those patronizing views once expressed by the Indian media and all those allegations labelled against our former PM for taking Bhutan's democracy to China indeed appear to have its origin in New Delhi. This shows how India is getting over frantic with our able leadership and deepening democracy. 

With time we are also learning as to how many more hands were involved in  bundling out Jigme Y. Thinley and his team. An article published by Global Research, (titled "Obama's "Asia Pivot": The Himalayan Angle". written by Wayne Madsen) shows to what extent the super powers like USA, Israel and India are willing to go to downgrade the rising super power; China. Madsen says "Plans were put into motion to dump Thinley in the scheduled Bhutanese election and replace him with someone with more pro-India and anti-China credentials". So it seems that PDP's win was designed in advance. As much as super powers feared rising China, it seems that much they feared able Jigme Y. Thinley too.

While its too early to comment on the PDP leadership, signs are already showing up that Bhutan as a sovereign Nation has succumbed to "Big brother" India. It appears that we have more powerful Indian ambassador in Bhutan than we have our own cabinet and the Prime Minister. 

Its my utmost prayer that my beloved country do not become another Sikkim in the clutches of India. I also hope that USA and Israil do not find their way here to test their drones and missiles, because our mountains, rocks and cliffs are way to holy and sacred than those deserts and sands of middle east 


  1. The precedent is set. Never mind for the change. We are giving the chance to the other party. But your concern about the election being in the control of outside forces is not good: need to mind it. If we Bhutanese are cleaver, we can mend the damage. Individual people (great or otherwise) come and go but the system should be in good form and practiced strictly. Rest all will well fall in line.

  2. Dear Purna and Anonymous,

    I welcome your opinion. its your democratic right. so is mine.. I have just expressed what is mine...

    thank you for finding time to read my thoughts and thank you also for finding time to leave your comments....

    I look forward to hearing more from you guys...have a nice day and cheers!!!


  3. Dear anon, I welcome your many sided opinions.....not just a vague tongue wagging one sentence

  4. Jigme Thinley, the man whom the mighty feared. If the mighty feared him, logically he should have been mightier enough to rebound their tactics so that he remained unaffected and maintained peoples trust. But, he was not able to do that and people obviously did not trust him, so his power got kicked out.

    Of course he was mighty in the sense that he was someone who could ignore others interest without second thought for his personal gain in certain circumstances.

    However, this is just my opinion and it obviously does not mean anything, but I still admire Jigme Thinleys charisma, fluency and spontaineity on a personal level.