Monday, January 30, 2012

I am Back

I feel terribly sorry for not being able to update my blog. Thanks to my busy student life. A thing of syllabus coverage, exams, assignments, presentations  and classes all day long are claiming lions share of my time. 

Not only that, I had to go home in between to meet meet my family and parents. That separated me further form internet services. Even though my University did not have the provision of break after my exams, I had to declare one for myself, so that I could visit spend my time with my family and parents back home. 

I was more busy at home than in college. I was busy baby sitting my daughters. I was also busy meeting my siblings and relatives. Most of all I was with my father-in-law,who broke his leg in motor accident. It was the most difficult time in my life. Seeing him limp ached my heart and made me more helpless. I was also with my father, who have grown old and weak because of the stroke he suffered year ago. It was even harder being bid boon voyage by a choking father-in-law and sobbing father on my way back.

I reached Ahmedabad, -my home-away-from-home after nearly spending a month with my family. To my surprise, I have found the place way too colder than I have anticipated. Not only that, there was also other thing that surprised me. Our wifi signals have completely disappeared from the air. With this I came to realize that there is no free lunch in Ahmedabad and that free riding has its limits.

Now that I bought a TATA Photon services, I hope I could pursue the thing that enchants me most,-Blogging. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Random Pictures

I feel sorry for not being able to update my blog for quite sometime now. Worse, I couldn't even wish all my readers and friends a very Happy new year in a deserving manner. So here, I am with few randomly uploaded pictures from my recent trip to Bumthang all the way from Gujarat.

Greptong la.
Stupas in Shingkhar, that are as old as the age 
Mountain in the north of Bumthang, Name it..
Monkeys in Chendhenbji
Scenes still  from "Travellers and Magicians"
"Road not taken" in Thinphu Finally taken for Handicraft shop
Bliss of Solitude in Pelela.