Sunday, February 24, 2013

Make Ugyen Panday and Minzuk the Brand Ambassador of DDC

Ugyen and Minzuk, Ningtingles of Bhutan
Few months ago, my blogger friend. Passang, wrote on his blog about why Mr. Ugyen Pandy should be made a brand Aambassador of  DDC. You can read what wrote here. Besides Ugyen's talent, Passang in his short article wrote about what Ugyen can really do to our DDC, who at the moment is fighting an uphill battle in preserving and promoting our language; -Dzongkha
Here is what I wrote on his blog:

I agree with you. Tell me who is not a fan of Ugyen Pandey? His songs have changed the the dimension of Bhutanese Music industry. Today if we carefully make an observation, there are many Dzongkha songs and dances being performed on stages everywhere in the schools. This indicates our younger generations' love for our language. It only need to be simple and touching, just like the songs of Mr. Ugyen.

And as you said a little bit of investment for Ugyen's and Minzuk's (italics added later) mucic career by DDC can even do miracles...Who knows?
Today I want to suggest one more name. How about Mrs. Minzuk Lhamo? This less-talking, but more-singing lady, I think has her own charm and talents too. If explored well, could do wonders in further promoting our Dzongkha language. 

I am a clumsy singer. I have voice worse than a donkey. Therefore in my bygone days, my friends used to laugh at me when ever I try to sing a song. My wife still does and my daughters often correct me in lyrics.

But now with Ugyen and Minzuk in the center stage, I found a renewed passion for Bhuranese music.  All over! I am deeply in love with their voice. Their lyrics and music always brought me inexpressible joy. I am confident that there are thousands of other Bhutanese who share my feelings.

When ever these duo sing together, it melts my heart. I feel romantic. I feel young. I sing along aloud.  I am less song-murderer than I used to be in my past. I am happy about it.  I am now getting the lyrics correct!!

In singing and thus in touching hearts, I think this duo has done a miracle. May be our DDC can capitalize on this miracle too.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


ཁྱོད་མཐོང་པའི་ཉིམ་ལས།།་༼༢༽ ངེས་སེམས་འདི་བ་མ་ཆགས།།

ཁྱོད་དགའ་བའི་གདོང་ལུ་བལྟཝ་ད་ལུ།། སེམས་དགའ་བའི་མི་ཅིག་ཨིནམ་རང་འདྲ།།
སེམས་དགའ་བའི་མི་ཅིག་འབད་བ་ཅིན།། ད་གསུངས་གནང་གསུངས་གནང་།།༼༢༽ ང་ཁྱོད་ལུ་དགའ་ཟེར་གསུངས་གནང།།

གནམ་ཉི་མ་སེམས་ཀྱི་ཆ་རོགས།། གནམ་ནུབ་མོ་ངེ་གིས་ཆ་རོགས།།
ངེས་ཆུ་ཚོད་ཁལ་གཅིག་བཞི་གི། སེམས་དགའ་བའི་ཆ་རོག་ཁྱོད་ཨིན།།༼༢༽

ཁྱོད་མཐོང་པའི་ཉིནམ་ལས།། ༼༢༽ངེས་སེམས་འདི་བ་མ་ཆགས།།

བྱར་ཆར་གྱི་ཆར་བཀབ་ཁྱོད་ཨིན།། དགུན་ཁ་བའི་ལམ་རྒྱུ་ཁྱོད་ཨིན།།
ངེ་གནམ་དང་དུས་ཚོད་བཞི་གི། སེམས་དགའ་བའི་ཁྱདཆོསཁྱོད་ཨིན།།༼༢༽

ཁྱོད་མཐོང་པའི་ཉིནམ་ལས།། ༼༢༽ངེས་སསེམས་འདི་བ་མ་ཆགས།།

ཁྱོད་མིག་ཏོ་རྒྱང་ཙུམ་འབདཝ་ད་ལུ།། སེམས་བྱམ་རྩེ་ཅན་ཅིག་ཡོདཔ་རང་འདྲ།།
ཐུགས་བྱང་ཆུབ་སེམས་དཔའ་ཨིན་པ་ཅིན།། ད་གསུངས་གནང་གསུངས་གནང་།། ༼༢༽ང་ཁྱོད་ལུ་དགའ་ཟེར་གསུངས་གནང།།

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy Birthday to Our Beloved King

Happy 33rd birthday to you dear Majesty.
May you live long and happy.
Under your benevolent Leadership,
 May we continue to see the sun of happiness 
Shine forever in our country.

Tashi Delek 

With our deepest love and reverence,
Bhutanese students in Gujarat University.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Me and Facebook are Like Milk and Water

Visit my Facebook Page
Few days ago when I posted my Losar resolutions on my Facebook status, someone asked me why "saying bye bye to Facebook" was not among my losar resolutions. it took me by surprise and I felt bit embarrassed. But it was all the more Interesting! I  thought for a while and finally give him my response. At the moment Facebook and I share a relationship like milk and water, so I told him its going to be difficult. 

On the other hand, I knew very well that he read my Facebook status (few months ago). I think he was right. I was fiercely angry with Facebook then and I was looking for way to deactivate my account. Although little reluctant, I was quite in the mood to stay away from it. 

You want to know the reasons?  Well, here they are. Firstly, Facebook blocked me from sending friend request for about a week. Ha ha ha. May be Facebook was right. I think I went little frenzy sending friend request in all the directions, because, I wanted to see in how many days I can have five thousand friends on Facebook.(Like our PM and Lilly Wangchuk) I wanted to test the celebrity status at least on Facebook!!! He he he (I am shy now). When that ban got lifted, my temptation ran wild again. I started looking for my old friends and again started sending them friend request. In the mean time, I think I also went lavish sending friend request to people whom I never knew. Then came my next ban. That time it was more severe. I was imposed a ban for solid one month. Further I was warned too! It said that if I repeat the offense, Facebook will permanently deactivate my account on Facebook. darrrnnnn!!!.....You see. Even Facebook doesn't like too much socializing. 

With friend request option banned, I found a place where I can be naughty again. I went rampant on chat. I probably must have had a chat with all the friends in my list. With over six hundred friends then, I was literally throwing salt everywhere. I felt life with Facebook was not that bad after all!!!  

But one fine day, I removed all the conversation details. Darrrnnn...!!! It was the biggest blunder in the history of my life with Facebook. I think Facebok sensed I was unto some mischief. Then came another package of ban. With that ban, I was denied a privilege to chat and pass comments. I was even denied an access to update my status.  Poor me. :( All I had was a privilege of clicking the "like" button only. For few days, I went crazy clicking the like button. I must have clicked 'like' even for the worst stuffs!!. That was a real sucker. But it was a matter of time anyways. One month soon passed and my privileges were once again restored. With that I now know my limit to on this social net work

Now Facebook and I are like milk and water. Over the few months I have become a very sensible person in using this site. I only use it for good purposes. I use it when I have an urgent work. Let me also tell you that its a place where in feel at home even when I am  actually separated by thousands of miles. Thanks to who ever has created Facebook, I am able to get in touch with my friends both old and new. Today I have over 777 friends and I feel blessed to have those beautiful people in my life (on Facebook)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Sorry, My Blog looks Desolate Thesedays

Of late I am not able to blog. This crazy academic schedule of Gujarat University is making me lunatic here. Firstly I have five papers to clear. Most of these papers are based on Indian Economy. All theory and at best boring and repetitive of what I have already covered in my preceding semesters. Others are mathematics and statistics, which are again a repetitive. I feel that authorities here have prolonged the course unnecessarily. (or am I so eager to go home?)

Secondly I have to write an assignment for all the five papers. I have to also do presentations. Seriously, I am bored to the brim with same stuffs. I feel like throwing up. I feel its not challenging at all.

Thirdly I have to prepare notes for all the papers. This demands lot of time and lot of reading. I have already bought loads of books here. Some are way bigger and heavier than the normal books. And now I worry about carrying all of them to Bhutan when I return.

Fourth and final thing that is making me mad is the research project I have to write. My syllabus says I have to write a project of at least hundred pages!!!!! I am spellbound and I am lost completely. I have only three months to stay but have a task in hand that might take more than a year for any ordinary man to complete it.

Because of all these, I had to literally ignore my blog for quite sometime now. It has remained empty and deserted. Honestly each time I saw my desolate blog, it pained my heart from the bottom. I feel deeply sorry about it.

Anyways, enjoy the picture. this is the most romantic picture I have ever seen. From here on, may be I will think twice before I order chicken curry or visit KFC. By the way this is not my photography.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Losar Resolutions and Others

My bank balance as on 04.02.2013
Of late, I am  little down financially. At one point of time I just had money that would buy me single meal in Ahmadabad. Forget about the Jaipur trip, I even thought of postponing my losar celebrations. Away and alone, I was at my lowest point. But Thanks to my dearest wife. She was there to enliven my life. She always did and I remain ever more grateful to her. I now understood the reason why god created women from man's ribs; to protect man's fragile heart that go lonely and down easily.

Now the Losar is over, I feel happy at the fact that I was able to have humble dinner with my friends. We had beef, chicken, pork and fish in our menu. Ohh yea, we also had basmati rice and dhai slald too. I opted to prepare fish curry. But somehow I ended up getting a fish soup in place of fish curry. Its not my fault, its the defective cooker we have.. ha ha ha!!  All in all, I had a wonderful time with my friends. After I got back from the dinner, I posted my Losar resolutions. I will try my best not to break them soon.
  • 1. Bye bye to Oily foods and Junk foods
  • 2. Bye bye to ice creams and Fizzy drinks
  • 3. welcome to physical exercises every morning
  • 4. welcome to 5 min meditation every evening before going to bed
Few days ago, I met one of my friend online. We had lot to discuss. But I was so preoccupied being broke, that I told him that 'I am broke', because RCSC still did not send me my stipend, because RCSC is broke too. Of course there was no humor in it but we both laughed. With that short laughter "ha ha" I felt a momentarily upliftment serge through my veins. Although broke, I told him that I am still healthy, handsome and strong. This is based on the popular Indian saying that Indian water can suffice food. More laughter ensued. "ha ha ha ha".  May be RCSC thought that this is the case for people studying in India (Gujarat) that they can survive on water!!! And more interestingly, when they had money they and manpower shortage. But its a different story altogether. 

In a mean time, I am now getting engrossed with my research work. Obviously I am a big zero in this field. Like it or not, I will soon have to submit a research project of at least 100 pages to my University for the award of Masers degree in Economics. Strangely there aren't many unrehearsed topics here, because thousand people like me write such research papers every year. You see, that is why I call my University as the Oxford of Gujarat.  

For now I am done with my proposal. Mind you, I took entire day just to write a brief introduction.  I am planning to write something on Foreign Direct Investment in India. If you guys have any idea, please feel free to share your thoughts.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Happy Losar Post

Somewhere I got a news about  my Stipend. I was told that RCSC has finally disbursed my stipend from a money apparently borrowed from elsewhere. Its a meager amount and I am yet to get to get it anyway. (I remember writing it somewhere already, please bear with me) Practically speaking, even Buddha will have difficulty surviving on my stipend in this age. So who ever has designed this stipend, I think had lot of Buddha nature in him. May Buddha bless him. 

Anyways, Thanks to my dearest wife, I am rescued from being declared as bankrupt here in Gujarat. Now I can finally think about my Losar shopping. I can fancy having a chicken curry along with fish soup. I can even think about calling off my classes. I wont mind getting drunk too. Flat and out! I want to sing aloud and eat full. I want to jump in the air and relax, both heart and soul. I want to celebrate life like I have never done before. I want to wish every one a Big Losar Tashi Delek.

By the way, I am reproducing a very beautiful happy losar greetings written by an unknown person Pema Gyamtsho. Like him, I would also like to wish all my friends both near and afar, a very happy and prosperous happy snake year. May this year mark the beginning of all the good things in this world. Let there be more Peace and less pollution.   

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