Monday, December 17, 2012

Midnight Thoughts

Yesterday evening I saw a comment on Facebook. It immediately caught my attention. It had a reference to the Election Commission and their responsibility in monitoring social media during the upcoming elections. To be precise, the head line read something like this; ECB to strictly monitor social networking sites before election. Since I saw the head line in "Social Democracy in Bhutan" page, I somehow felt compelled to share my opinion. Following were my comments:
I think Monitoring Social networking sites wont make any would rather add extra burden to already over loaded ECB......How many people in Bhutan actually have internet access by the way? I am doubtful. I hope ECB is not doing this just to control perople like Ap Drukpa and Asha Gup.....ha ha ha ha .......All the best ECB....If that is what you call rule of Law...I think it should prevail...only time will tell..whether benefit was really worth the cost....
The came the answer from the Chief Election Commissioner himself. Following were his response to my comment:
Mr. PSN it helps sometimes to be broadminded than being synical. A journey of a thousand mile begins with a single step. Tenzing sherpa did not drop at mount everest he went up step by step. If u had anything that was ever useful u should have commented it when our draft was out in pulic for comments. Now when adopted you pretend to be the know all and care all follwing likes of wakleys. Hope ever heard la apagi bewa da jamtog tog and to aie gi zou da zhimtog tog.. Wether we can monitor or not is our responsibility. I have fairh all the sm user except may be few that by mow we have a fair idea as to who these are. Note if there is will there is way.
And with due respect, I offered my another comment to Dasho. I was of the opinion that Dasho misread my message. So here is my response to Dasho's comment:
Dasho, I appreciate your broad-mindedness and yea, I also know the long journey stuff that begins with single step.. I take it as a privilege, being able to hear it one more time from the chief EC of be very honest, I didn't even know that ECB have an act to monitor social networks.. that's because we have too many acts in Bhutan........ and well, that's what I said so..."If that is call a rule of law, it should prevail'........I know you are a man of action and I also know how dedicated u have been all these years in service of tsa wa sum. But i find u so so pathetic coming to my level and saying such a words as "Hope ever heard la apagi bewa da jamtog tog and to aie gi zou da zhimtog tog" As a citizen, I have always had high regard and respect for you. I always felt grateful for having an unwavering statesmanship like you in Bhutan's bureaucracy. But on hearing the above statement its like "Lak drin kha ge seey" 
Dahso I have just shared my opinion in a very informal way.....if u are hurt I am sorry..... If u are comparing me to Whalkey, you are wrong...we are different individuals with different perspectives altogether... Under your leadership, I have no doubt about ECB shouldering that responsibility and I wish u good luck....Just like u, i also desire to see a very smooth and hassle free election in 2013 in our beloved country.......The reason why i made a reference to AP drukpa, and asha gup are obvious. As an active fb user u must have also read their statements.....i forgot to mention you about Bhutanomics........ Dasho lastly...let me make some addition to your closing statement: where there is a will, there are even more ways.......All the best. Dasho take feedback with cool heart...if u find it stupid...just ignore....there is a saying: You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.
And before I could get a response from Dasho, It was some punk, named Ziggy Love on Facebook, who took his turn to respond to my comment. I have now idea who that "Ziggy Love" is. And to my shocking revelation, he gave me the folloing comment:
Peldhen Sonam Nima- you are but an arse to me. Arrogant m'fucker!
 Personally, calling me "asre" is ok, "arrogant" still more Ok. But some one who doesn't even have a face of his own calling me, "m'Fucker", I tell you , it is way too much. If someone call me with that name in my arms length, I wouldn't think twice to crush his skull to powder!....So Wrote my unprecedented reply:
Ziggy Love you may be a Mother fucker yourself, you monkey arse......I don't care a shit abt you ...better be cafareful with the words u use ......mother fucker! if u have a better point to say ..say it....or else shut your dirty mouth.....
But Ziggy had some more words to infuriate me.
A donkey can never sound Nightingale no matter how hard he tries. Peldhen Sonam Nima, you can't take a line of critical (Ofcourse intensed) remark critically and yet have the audacity to go on hooting what ever your immature and frail mind comes up with against the very institution that promotes freedom and liberty in Bhutan. If that's not a arse like, it's my balls sucking time for you! Cheers
From his comment, I could clearly make out that he wanted me to say something unpleasant to Chief Election Commissioner of Bhutan. I could also clearly make out that faceless Ziggy have a problem understanding the concepts like rule of law, democracy and freedom. But that was ok. There are many  coward people like him.  But what got to my nerve is that his "Ball sucking time". I wrote my other unprecedented reply:
Ziggy Love, Looks like u really have issue with me. Oh yea... you Be a man and come out from the veil. show your dirty little monkey face and talk to me like a man. I hope u are not reincarnation of a ghost, I killed long time.....If need me, I don't mind having to kill the ghost in you another time.....Do u atleat have a ball.....They way you roar like a mouse from behind the veil of anonymity gives me an indication that you are nothing but a ball-less wimp, at best mother fucker, arse kisser, and ball cum dick sucker yourself........To understand a "kew lo chok , shew tonglok" creature like u, I don't need to be that critical. I can easily make out that you have nothing to prove except the ramblings that doesn't mean a shit to any one of us if u insist, bring your balls, i will grind those shrunken ball into powder and spray on your......well your pathetic looking wimpy abt that..?
After that Ziggy went dead. I waited the entire day for his reply but he never showed up. It is understandable that a wimp like him will have nothing to prove after all. In a mean time I got the reply for my comment from the chief Election Commissioner of Bhutan, which read as follows;
Thanks PSN..I had to be possessive of the institution I represent from some agendas. You and me, may be we have to on same page. 
And Finally, I closed the chapter with my following comment;
Freedom comes with duty duty as a citizen is to uphold the law first and then look for my freedom......Freedom is necessary but not sufficient condition for vibrant democracy......Just my thoughts....I hope this doesn't offend faceless, voiceless, arse kissers like Ziggy Love.
I think I played enough with the pig today, And to all my friends and readers, please forgive me for being so so vulgar. Honestly, I never thought I could be that nasty and dirty, But with people like Ziggy, it made me think that, well I am just another human being.

Have a nice time and yea folks, I have exams coming Monday, so wish me good luck.


  1. First of all, let me wish you loads of good luck for your Exam.
    And regarding the post, it fully interesting. I went against this anonymity at first, but it still prevails in Bhutan. I find them weak and useless, they make up with all rumors. I don't find them useful and constructive in any sense. Any way, its good to hear that you crushed him too. he became second victim to you after the Ghost.

  2. yea jigs cool man cool..but ya am with you ....did well ...don kn abt the rest but for me you are the winner of the hard heated debate ....huh you were prefect wth the words ....thats wat i call eet ka jawab patthar se.....n ofcouse your essay on the topic is overwhelming as usaual...god bless you dear fren....good luck for the xams


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