Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tulip called "Queen of Bhutan"

Queen of Bhutan Tulip
I don't know from where I got the seeds, but it took me and my family, an agonizing 6 months to finally see this plant bloom to its fullness. Few notorious rat dearly devoured the plant in its sprouting stage. You can very well see the remains of damage on the tip of its leaves. Meanwhile I heard about how one of my neighbor mistook the seeds for an onion. She used it in Emadatsi curry! Its non poisonous, I believe.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

To Spain, With Love, From Bhutan.

In a very unexpected circumstance, I had the privilege of receiving a very long and cordial e-mail on my blog. Someone named Mr. Emilio Fernandez Esteban from Spain wrote to me about his inability in touring the world due to some economic reasons. I think he is not the first person here. There could be millions like us. Like him, I do like travelling a lot and I am happy to note our first striking similarity.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Paro Tsechu Post

Picture of a Master Clown of Paro Tsechu (2008)
I think for Parops, Paro Tsechu is a specialty of its own kind. Its arguably, the most cherished culture in Bhutan. For some, its plain beginning of spring season, a season of hope and anticipation.. But for locals, it marks the beginning of many things. I see blossomed peach trees and the lush willows, marking the beginning of bountiful year, Tshechu is no different. I think It heralds the beginning of all good things between earth and the sky for the people of Paro.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Of Farewell Speeches, Dinners and Quotas

This year, I have attended quite a number of farewell dinners. First was a farewell for our colleagues who moved from Paro to other Regional offices. All I remember is that we had a lively evening. We had art competition. Prizes to the winners were awarded from the amount collected from the judges. (you see, being judge at times is an expensive affair!!) From a lucky dip bag, we were made to pick a rolled paper. It contained a weird question. Like it or not, each one had to answer it.  I was asked a question as to what animal I resemble. Although donkey came first to my mind, I said tiger. I don't know why. Few seconds later, I heard someone say dog.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Baby Musa Khan Post

Baby Musa Khan produced in Court,
 Image Courtesy,
Few days ago, I heard a news, a crazy news so to say that pierced my heart like a needle. For once I could't believe  my eyes, ears and other senses when Pakistani authorities charged nine months old baby for an attempted murder. I am horrified. A baby who is barely able to hold his milk bottle is charged for an attempted murder in stoning attack! I find his hands even tiny to hold a pebble. This could possibly be the height of craziness a rational human society can exhibit. Allah save baby Musa Khan and my deep prayers for him and his tormented family.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Blessings of Shingkhar

Below is the full article on Shingkhar by Dr. Karma Phuntsho. People who have travelled in Bhutan Airlines, recently must have read it already. But with kind permission from Dr. Karma, I am sharing this article on my blog for my personal record. I hope Bhutan Airlines do not mind like I did not mind with them when they used my pictures without credit. Anyways have a nice read and please look how I look with Dr. Karma

Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 2014 Post

For the first time I am closing a month with just one post. I feel terrible. Although series of events have unfolded around the world  I did not have the time and energy at my disposal to share my thoughts on it. And few days a ago, I got a comment from a very disheartened reader. She said she is angry with me for keeping the blog empty. So today I write this post for her and to rest to show that I am still alive.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Of Bum Fights in Shingkhar

Bum Fight in 2014
For the folks of Shingkhar, the fourth or the second last day of the Rabney is special in its own way. It is on this day the dance of our most  revered and worshiped local deity, Meme Drangsong, "affectionately called Meme or grandpa by the locals take place". "Drangsong is one of the three main deities of the Dzogchen tradition and is said to have served Longchenpa during the latter’s sojourn in Shingkhar. People across the country, (mostly the stroke patients) come to pay homage and receive blessing. I don't know how science can explain this but I have often seen some of them get better.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Prayer to Longchenpa on his anniversary

Beloved master, precious one, father of mine,
You are forever one with all the Buddhas,
Now show your kindness and love to your devoted child.
You who took birth intentionally

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Of Chankgkor in Shingkhar.

In his essay titled "Blessings of Shingkhar" Dr. Karma Phuntsho has written extensively about Shingkhar Rabney. He even wrote about the most coveted topic that I wanted to write. (Of rubbing Foreheads, Chankgkor and Bum Fights in Shingkhar) In his five page essay, he has captured Shingkhar Rabney form start to end. After reading his essay for about ten times or even more, I feel enlightened all the more. I have no doubt that any reader will feel the same. Through his writing, I am able to unearth more mysteries about the very village I was born and raised. I feel so happy. I am sure any reader who reads it will feel the aura and blessings of Shingkhar Ranbey themselves. As for me, its an honor and privilege to read his write-ups. So thank you Acho Dr.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Some Innocent Faces From Shingkhar

I bought my nikon D90 some three years ago and I was never able to put it to use. So this year in Shingkhar, that too during the Rabney, I was able to use it to the fullest. I tried to capture the images using various modes. I think i got some good images. But sadly of the thousand shots that I took, only few images are of good quality. Please bear with me. 

Reminiscences of Shingkhar Rabney 2014

Last week, against the wishes of my bosses here in Paro, I had to take a long leave to go to my village. Forgoing a very important official occasion here in Paro (International Customs Day) I had to rush home to be a part of our local event there. Its called Shingkhar Rabney. You can read about Rabney here in bits and pieces.

This years Rabney has been the grandest Rabney ever and it will go down in the history of Shingkhar as the most memorable Rabney.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Of Lochoes, Juvenile Monks and Economics

Couple of days ago, I was in my wife's place. I was there to attend an annual offering ritual popularly known among Bhutanese folks as Lochoe. Having missed two such Lochoes while I was away for my studies, it was my father-in-law's intention to have a grand one this year. To do that, he was willing to spend his entire two months pension income for the same. And expected nothing less from me and my wife. It is understandable because Lochoe to an ex-monk, I think means somethings that transcends mundane description. So to make him happy I think we did our best. We have no savings but as a civil servant, we took our salary in advance.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pictures From Lemjakha

Here are some pictures I captured in Lemjakha. Lemjakha is actually my wife's place. It is under Toeb Gewog of Punakha. For slow walkers, it takes little over 30 min from Thinleygang town. It is connected with Thinleygang town by a farm road, that looks more like a drain. But when the weather is dry, it takes little over 10 min for average car to make there.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Well what can I say now? 2013 is gone for good. All I can see around are few crazy people, seemingly busy with their mobile phones sending each other an endless new year wishes. some too lazy to type their own, are seen forwarding the very messages they received from others. I think some people are welcoming the new year with anything but with a plagiarism without a guilt.



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