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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bhutan Elects New Government

In the history of Bhutanese election, 24th March 2008, as we recall, was a memorable day. In our first ever parliamentary election, we observed how DPT stormed into power winning 45 of 47 seats. We all recall how Davids' of the DPT slayed the Goliaths' of PDP then. It was landslide win and someone somewhere called it a Bhutanese intelligent and wisdom. In essence people voted for 'equity and justice'
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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Economy is in shape: Government

(On economy, borrowings and trade deficit – responses from Meet the Press)

Lyonpo Wangdi Norbu, Finance Minister

We have to speak about the current situation which you assume is bad and based on that assumption your argument is being made. We have all along said the situation is not bad.

Look at the macro indicators: most of them are very good. For example, GDP growth - one of the ways to assess the economy – is around 9 percent and the unemployment rate – another important indicator – is down from 4.5 to 2.1 recently, quite low by any standard.

While we had rupee shortage, we did not have overall reserves problem. Within the overall reserves, rupee is just one part of it, albeit a large part because our trade is largely with India. The correct yardstick is how much of reserves do we have to sustain how many months of our import requirements. This is a constitutional requirement. We have total reserve sufficient to cover more than one year’s essential imports. When we have rupee shortage we use dollars and when we have dollar shortage, we use other currencies. If you look at many other countries it is much lower.

The economy is not in bad shape, rather this government, during the five years, has added a lot of economic structures to take the country and economy forward. So the prospects are very good for the next government, including the benefits they can reap from the commissioning of some hydropower projects. Small problems will crop up from time to time and I think the next government will resort to similar measures like ours.

Lyonpo Khandu Wangchuk, Economic Affairs Minister

Let’s go into the context. The DPT government coincided with the global economic meltdown, not to speak of our own inherent difficulties such as landlockedness, high costs of transportation, shortage of labor skills, technology and market. We cannot be totally insulated from what is happening in the world.

We have witnessed 8–9 % average growth over the years. In terms of actual GDP value, in 2008, our GDP was 54 billion. In 2011 it went up to 85 billion - a huge growth in terms of values.

Over the last four years, corporate taxes grew by 122%, business tax by 135 %. In terms of value, corporate tax jumped from Nu 2.3 billion to 5.1 billion, business tax from less than half a billion to 1.2 billion.
Or look at the credit from the financial institutions. The credit given to different sectors in 2008 was Nu 22 billion. In 2012 (September), it was Nu 54 billion – meaning, a huge surge in economic activities.

Of the total of over 29,000 trade licenses in the country, 16,000 were issued in the last four years. Of the total 37,000 industrial licenses, over 11,000 were issued in the last four years. Why take licenses if there is no growth?

Look at GDP per-capita growth pattern in the last three years – 2,277 dollars to 2,590 to 2,986. We have already 62 high-end hotels; in 2012 alone, 48 new hotels were issued construction licenses. From one aircraft, we now have 4. More Bhutanese are travelling than ever before.

I met Indian leaders several times and they are impressed with the growth of our economy. The IMF rated us, in 2012, the fourth fastest growing economy, and The Economic magazine in 2013 forecast that Bhutan will be the fastest growing economy. ADB has said we are the best performing country in 2012.
In the past, the FIs had huge liquidity problems. Now there are more FIs, more capital, liquidity. Why? They are not keeping the money; it is all being invested in the economy.

What we are leaving behind is a very strong legacy. Let me tell you this: we have laid very strong fundamentals for the new government to enjoy higher growth rate because of investments, policies, strategies that we have adopted. All in all, let me tell you, the economy has never been stronger.

Prime Minister Lyonchhen Jigmi Y. Thinley

Have any of your friends, relatives, brothers and sisters lost their jobs in the government or the private sector because the economy is performing badly? Have anyone of you lost your homes, cannot afford the homes and apartments you are living in? Has your lifestyle changed? Have you stopped driving your cars? Have you stopped consuming what you are used to? Do you see fewer people going on pilgrimage? Do you see fewer people going abroad to places like Bangkok for holidays?

Are you receiving lesser care from the health sector because we can no longer afford medicines because we can no longer continue to afford the same kind of services because the economy is in poor shape? Have you heard that the Health Ministry has stopped sending people abroad for super specialized treatment? More and more people are going to Kolkatta, Bangalore, Delhi.

Where are the signs that our economy is performing poorly? Have you heard that there is capital flight out of Bhutan, that investors have stopped investing in Bhutan and in fact they are withdrawing the money as in cases where the economies are crumbling, where economies are indeed crippled? Have you heard that the Indian money, rupees, has stopped flowing into the country? I haven’t heard, I haven’t experienced.

Have you heard the farmers - the majority of our people – complaining? What I have heard is that they are very happy with the growth of market for their produces? Where is the economy hurting, who is hurting among you? Don’t build images and don’t build false perceptions. Don’t built sense of insecurity. We are doing well and the IMF–World Bank pre-assessment team is here. What they said - and you should interview them – is that the Bhutanese Economy is on sound footing. We know that and that is why despite the entire world going through an economic downturn we are projecting a minimum of 8 percent growth in the 11th FYP.
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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thank You Government

Source: Druk Phunsum Tsogpa Facebook Page

As we draw closer to dissolve our Government, I would like to thank our Prime Minister, Opposition Leader, Ministers and all our MPs from 20 dzongkhag for what ever they have done in the interest of our Nation. I would like to thank them sincerely for listening to all the criticisms and feedback we may have made in course of years.

There were often times our government mistook feedback and suggestions as undue and unjust criticisms. In fact there are lot our politicians can learn from such interactions. This is one part of democracy we can not afford to ignore. Probably this is the very way how we take or democracy forward!

Our kings, both past and present have placed immense trust and faith in democracy. Accordingly, its our present set of politicians who came forward to shoulder the call. So we all owe them a  big thank you.

Our opinions and thoughts differ on their achievements and failures. In essence, it indicates that we are in a democratic country. It shows how diversity of views and thoughts matter in democracy. We must never forget this.

We have already sailed for five years but have still eternity to continue forward. Our leaders, by now must have realized how democratic road is bumpy and how running an affair as big as country is not everyone's cup of tea.

With this I would like to once again thank our first set of Parliamentarians (both NA and NC) for all their hardwork and dedication. Also I would like to wish them all, more success in times to come in their political career. 

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lyonpo Ugyen Tshering

Lyonpo Ugyen in his former days.
If at all I knew anything about Lyonpo Ugyen Tshering, then I knew his simplicity and humbleness. As many Bhutanese put it, I knew him as "simple Lyonpo". To me, Lyonpo resembles one person in Bhutan. Rare and scare just like himself. Late Lhalung Thuskey Rimpoche of Bumthang and Lyonpo Ugyen are to me, the Kings of simplicity. They are the rarest. A one in a million species. 

Thanks to BBS and Mrs Namgay Zam, I am today able get more insight into the lives of an extraordinary being who, I think has put all his heart and soul for the cause of our nation. Physically challenged and weakened to bottom by a deadly parkinsion, it is inspiring all the more to hear him share his dreams for future Bhutan. It is unfortunate that such a deadly disease crippled a man who have lot in his mind for his fellow country man. I am humbled to the core.

Listening to him, I felt reconnected with our past. I realized how Lyonpo and his group pulled our nation to its current glory. Step by step. Those were the people responsible for our peaceful existence today. I would highly recommend every Bhutanese, both young and old to watch this clip. Lyonpo has spoken his heart. I  am sure this will be of immense help for all of us in understanding our history, our culture, our foreign policy, our democracy, our freedom and our responsibility towards our Tsa wa sum. 

To me Lyonpo's dream Bhutan with rope ways looks very promising. If properly thought about and then implemented, I think it has the true potential or rescuing our economy, which at the moment is heeding towards a dangerous direction with billions in debt. This is because rope ways means less fuel import, less car import and altogether a less money going to road which are difficult to maintain. Besides this, Lyonpo's dream of revolutionizing the use of Information Technology are far far captivating. 

I fully agree with Lyonpo, on not rushing up things with impatient China. We indeed are like a child in the field of fostering foreign policies with mighty China. I also agree with Lyonpo that we have lot to learn from China in other fields through the goods and services that are already available in our country. As Lyonpo said, Bhutanese people are indeed "valley people" and not "mountain people" as proclaimed. No doubt about that. We have lot to learn what is behind the mountains! Perhaps, miles to go before we rest.  

I thank Aum Patricia Tshering for giving our Lyonpo the most deserving care and affection in his most needy time. Perhaps that's why women are called the better half of men. I personally feel sorry for this. Our Lyonpo's family sincerely do not deserve such a tragedy. I pray to Buddha of medicine for his quick recovery... .

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Election and Excitement

First up, a very BIG CONGRATULATION to Miss Lily Wangchuk for stepping forward and having become the party president of newly formed Druk Chirwang Tsogpa. I congratulate her for having a heart, as big as the lion and courage as valiant as the Tiger. I wish her many success in her political career. For that matter I also wish Mr. X, Mr. Y and Mr. Z, the same amount of success like Miss Lily. Thank you Lyonchhen Jigme Y.Thinley and Lyonpo Tshering Tobgay for paving our way to democracy. You guys have made our democracy truly memorable.

Our first democratic election in 2008 was a memorable one and surely we do not need any reminder for that.  Believe it or not, when DPT won the house with an overwhelming majority, there were people who even equated the president of the party, to a person of destiny! (Lungten Chenge Lyonchhen) Grapevine in the town has it that even a dog and a donkey with DPT tag would have won the race by a comfortable margin that day. Like it or not, there weren't many people who knew the actual difference between mushroom, person and GNH, but the majority of them voted for GNH based "equity with justice"! 

Similarly, our first democratic election was also memorable for the way the other party lost. PDP's "service with humility" did not fancy Bhutanese voters that day. For all the supporters of the PDP, the results were as much disheartening as they were humiliating. Unprecedented it was called and unprecedented it was! In  the landmark election, the party president of PDP, a man known for his action lost to a man who later went on to become a talking-junk! 

For now, another round of election is offing in the air. The atmosphere is charged with excitement and can  be be felt everywhere. For commoners and many alike, there is a reason to be excited and elated, because its once in a five year time that we get to exercise our power between the sky and the earth. Its time for us to reflect about our past and contemplate about our future. It is time for each one of us to think deeper beyond "equity with justice" and "service with humility". If democracy is what we are advocating then its time for us to look for a leader and not a ruler. 

As the pool day draws ever closer, I am looking for a person deserving of my precious vote. I am willing to gift away my valuable gift from the throne to a person who have a vision beyond party manifesto and undertake to do things within our own means. I am looking for someone who lives by democratic values and someone who knows that life in politics is way beyond prescribed five year tenure. Most importantly I am looking for someone who have lots of commonsense; and that someone who will back away and say to the national exchequer that "this time I am not going to take my car entitlement, because our economic situation is not so good"

Now do you think you have the attributes to win my vote?

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

HM's Birth Anniversary and the lessons from the PM.

PM of Bhutan
In the morning of 21st of Feb 2011, I woke up from my bed knowing it was the birthday of our beloved King. Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS) was busy broadcasting the Live events on TV with their commentary works. The historic Changlingmethang  as expected was not only crowded with elegantly dressed people but was also dazzlingly  decorated with colorful flags all around. The (otherwise) foggy morning slowly gave way to a very beautiful and bright sunny day.

The day as it deserved was chaired by none other than the man of destiny and prophesy, -The Lyonchhen; our beloved Prime Minister. He was escorted to the stadium with traditional ceremony of Chipdrel and serdrang. Soon after the completion of marchang ceremony and the National anthem, the formal Birthday of the "People's King" began with full vigor and anticipation. Prime Minister of Bhutan as the Chief guest of  the occasion, took over the floor and continued the day with his speech which rather appeared  impromptu for most of the viewers (including me).

He began by reminding the Nation of the significant and importance of the day in the history of Bhutan. He beautifully stated that "31 years ago, on this very day, Bhutan was blessed with a birth of yet another divine leader from a Dharma King and the Queen". There was a sense of deep emotion gushing through him as he continued his speech. He called on the nation to join him in paying gratitude and tribute to our great leaders and ancestors for having toiled and labored to preserve our sovereignty through ages. He also reminded the Nation about the sacrifices our leaders have made in bringing us thus far. If at all we are at peace and prospering today, it was all because of the wise and judicious inclination that our leaders (especially our beloved kings, both past and present) had towards the so called "modernization".

PM expressed that our leaders; -both past and present are remembered in may ways. Celebrating teachers day on the birth anniversary of our third King and Children's day on the birth anniversary of our fourth King are living examples today. Not only that, we also celebrate social forestry day to mark the coronation day of our fourth king, perhaps to show to the world that growing tree is a symbol of living/thriving nation. In continuation to this, PM in his landmark announcement said  that, henceforth the birthday of our fifth Druk Gyelpo will be observed as an "Education day".

I couldn't agree more on this. Education system deserve to be given its due  priority and respect. If we as a citizen mean dynamic, systematic, strong, capable, and trustworthy future, then it got to be the investment and due consideration we accord to our eduction system today. It will, to the great extent depend on how much  contended and motivated our  teachers are at work. Teachers and the education system should reign the show in Nation building.

PM then asked whether all the young people, especially the students are taking note of what he is speaking. The crowd roared back with "Nyendo la" which is a rough translation of "yes, we are listening to you, your excellency". He talked extensively on Bhutanese values which are often neglected. Values such as repaying one's own parents that are fast becoming a myth. It risks being extinct with all the young people having a  wish list of  one day becoming  Doctors, Engineers, Teachers and Dashos.  He said, "a student, who has as his priority or first choice to repay his parents, will be a good citizen" and to become one, one doesn't necessarily need to wait for  his/her maturity. It can be done right at the moment.

He further went on to inform the Nation about the democratic transition that are continuously taking place here, in our country. He informed the Nation that our democracy is based on the principles parliamentary democracy  and party politics and not on incitements (Fung) of few individuals.  Playing politics is one thing and that inciting is quit another. He also stated that, we (our democracy) are faced by threat form those inciters who mislead the people and misinform on issues of National interest. He stated that, keeping majority's will  in mind, (as demanded by the principle of democracy) the laws were enacted and decisions were passed and it should stand as endorsed. 

Obviously, the statements were firm and focused. Without a slightest doubt and hesitation, he said it aloud and clear, about the roles and responsibilities of an elected parliamentarians; -to take feedback form the people and bring out alternatives which would serve the purpose better. 

 At this moment  I felt like He was pointing his  invisible index  finger to anyone who believed otherwise (Any one who believed that Government doesn't have the legitimacy to revise taxes. Any one who believed that Government was totally wrong in bringing a new Tobacco control act, when the old one bitterly failed to serve the purpose. Any one on Facebook and anyone tormentingly blogging and saying "amend the acts")

I think PM was right on many counts. Living in a democratic system, guided by the constitution and His Majesty, he represented the bridge of ultimate hopes and aspiration of the Bhutanese people. He is a a face of Bhutan in the international sphere. We need to have certain degree of faith and trust in him. If Bhutan is a Ship / aeroplane then PM is our captain.  As a captain, he has that moral obligation of sailing the ship safely to shore or landing the aeroplane safely to the airport of destination.

But anyone who believed otherwise, are not wrong either, because we are in a unique democratic atmosphere; atmosphere were everything is expected to function and function well on the basis of check and balance form all sides. If constitution is our mother and our King, our father then, the systems like executive, legislative and judiciary are noting but children; -brothers. We are no enemies. We have National Council as a house of review and Opposition in the parliament to guide the ruling Government. Opposition in the parliament doesn't necessarily mean opposing the Government all the time, after all, Opposition in itself is also a representation of the people of Bhutan. If its about representing  the Bhutanese people, then  it's  also about  having sense of  gratefulness, respect for the elders, respect for the wisdom of our forefathers, and above all  it's about up holding the Bhutanese systems and values.  As much as they are into criticizing, (when they go wrong) they should also learn to acknowledge the Government on  their achievements and success,

It is a very sensible thing to say and  believe that democracy means flowing  and swimming with the majority. However going with majority doesn't necessarily mean that the challenges of the minorities are left unheard and untouched. As much as majority fancies ruling, that much, the majority should be also there to protect the minorities. To cite an example: Today minorities residing in the urban hub of Thimphu and Phuntsholing  are adversely affected by the increase in the living cost. The calamitous hike in rent are to some extent a disastrous magnitude for most of the families residing there. When I say this it doesn't mean that other areas are not affected by the increase in cost of living. we are all equally affected but with varying degrees. Its high time that our Government activate the Tenancy Act.

If democracy in Bhutan is also about freedom of expression and speech,  It should also mean freedom and openness with respect and dignity that comes with  "moral responsibilities". Its not about "You are wrong and I am right" but rather, it should be "what is right for Bhutan and Bhutanese at large" .

If every single Bhutanese act as one and think as one, as envisioned by our fourth Druk Gyelpo, during his coronation in 1974, then we can anticipate even happier days than those enshrined in GNH paradigm. We may continue to gather in Changlingmethang to celebrate our beloved King's Birthday and our achievements and Happiness  on every  21st Feb in years to come.

Happy birthday to our King and May the sun of happiness shine forever in Bhutan.

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