Sunday, September 9, 2012

Remembering My First Court Case, Part Eight

..............Judge reminded her to stick on what she had in her initial complain letter and stop meddling with other issues. With that judge once again turned towards the lady and asked her for the last time: "Zhen Lap ne yoe ga?" Finally to my relief she said: Mee la.
With that, the Judge spoke..........

and he spoke without any hesitation. As the judge prepared to announce his decision, I sensed the ward lady shiver. In her sheer desperateness I saw her eyes welled with tears.

And then came the words of the Judge.  Turning towards the lady, he asked: 'Did you realize what wrong you did?'. He paused for a while...... When there was no response from the lady, he then continued: 'this problem had arisen, all because of what you have done. And those things which you have done were all beyond your duty. As a ward lady, whose duty was to maintain cleanliness and guard the doors, you had no reason, what so ever to frequent patients and scold or exercise your control over them'........In between the Judge asked her: 'how many times have you come to the court? ...........and looks like you are the real problem everywhere'

With those words from the Judge, I felt the anxieties and traumas that had so long accumulated in my heart slowly shed. For the first time in over three months, I felt the sweetness in the fragrance of air and the brightness in the day, I felt my heart floating, weightless..............

And the Judge continued further:...... 'People working in the hospital, have a moral obligation to support and show compassion to those sick and needy people and that any form of abuse against them is unlawful'.........With that the Judge was also swift in reprimanding the ward lady for being over zealous. The Judge not only warned her of the consequences of threat call but also reminded her of her official misconduct. After that, Judge ordered us to leave the room and meet the clerk in the office.

By then, I sensed how worried my plaintiff was, -she had played all her cards!. With every passing minute in the court room, she was nearing to taste the bitter aara she brewed herself. How pathetic that she wold he soon hanged with her own noose!!!

At first my heart melted with satisfaction. It bought me pleasure beyond description. I saw my soaring arrogant plaintiff finally being reduced to size of a grasshopper!. Her bitter figure reminded me of two insects that I hated the most, -the house fly and the mosquito. I really wanted her to fall on to her knees! I wanted her to explode in tears!. I wanted her the feel the the same old feeling she made me feel!. All those miserable moments came rushing through my mind like rewinding a movie, - my wife in pain, my broken mother-in-law, my helpless sister, my perplexed father-in-law, my innocent grandmother and finally my wretched self, busy tending to police, day in and day out. 

Once in the clerks room, the clerk told me that, since she was not able to prove anything from her complaint , it was up to me to take the next step, -counter charge her for defamation, libel, threat call, official misconduct and for all the inconveniences caused thereafter. It was a moment of mending my broken heart and I wanted it to be done by buttering it first. I felt the tears of truth and justice oozing out from my eyes uncontrollably. With an outburst of my passion, I told the clerk that I was willing to go to any height to have her doomed. I told him that I want to prove to her that I am stone that is hard and a metal that clangs!! 

With that emotional outburst, the clerk reminded us of our lunch time. But he however he reminded us to come to office before it closes in the evening. 

I stayed back and did't go for lunch. I took a shade under a peach tree and contemplated on the matter. I called up my wife and updated her about the case and  told her that I was going to do the same thing to her. But to my revelation, my wife told me otherwise! -an eye for an eye will leave both blind!

I thought about it for hours and finally decided to side my wife. I went to the court in the evening and told the clerk that I wished to end the case there and that I don't desire to harass a poor lady. To that effect I wrote a final application to the court expressing my desire to end the matter. 

In the mean time, my opponent arrived. She appeared more exhausted and worried than ever. Her fragile body was barely able to withstand the gushing afternoon winds of Thimphu. She was almost near her breakdown point. But I had a good news for her. I told her that I am not going to pursue the case any further. She smiled at last. I told her not bring any more people to the court hereafter. 

That evening, I went home happy and I sent another soul happy home. I didn't even know who actually won the case.

Tashi delek


  1. THAT IS LIKE A GOOD WINNER, PSN! Tell you a thing, winning doesn't always come in a tangible way that is perceptible to touch.
    Hmm, that lady sounds too familiar to me. Didn't her biological daughter compete in Druk SuperStar?:) Just a doubt.
    Anyway, i liked your narrative skill in this post that you elaborated so tactfully.
    Good day ahead.

    1. Sonam Sir,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Well about the lady, I don't know anything about her nor do i wish to learn about her. Her rude behavior still haunts me....and I am still having hard time trying to forget her.

      thnkas once again.


  2. Man, you won the case, and you won it double by listening to your cool headed wife and leaving that idea of counter aside.
    This eight part series of you first court case was the most satisfying and exciting pieces I read in many days.
    It also gave me a very sound preview of our court of law, which to my greatest joy delivers justice without hesitation. I learned that it doesn't take a court-frequenter to win a case, it but takes the truth!
    I am very happy for you!

    1. Passa sir,

      I feel happy for the fact that simple truth made all the difference.

      Although I was prepared to exaggerate the matter a bit, later in the court, I felt how totally unnecessary it was......It was exactly like what Gandhi Ji said, Speak the truth and "truth will set you free" for "truth is God"

      I think i did it. I forgave the lady for all her wrongs but I still cannot forget her completely yet.

      anyways Thanks for your comment......and please do keep visiting my blog....i need all those valuable encouragements....

      Kuenzang (PSN)

  3. IT was a real good piece to go through, ajo.. well written, well expressed, good reason, great moral.... I enjoyed the first to last... and it was more interesting to wait for few days to see it part by part... :)

  4. Hi samten,

    its always a good feeling to have someone reading and enjoying my works. I honestly do. Keep reading and leave me your suggestions. Thats all I can say.

    thanks for your comments. Have a nice day then.....

    Kuenzang (PSN)

  5. All is well that ends well, Kuenzang! It is not difficult for anyone to see the plain truth and deliver justice accordingly. However,the dynamic changes when the other party is well-connected and the judges are influenced to interpret the law against you. I have come across people in such situation. What is equally frustrating is knowing how helpless you are despite knowing that you are given biased verdict. anyway, keep posting!

  6. All is well that ends well, Kuenzang! It is not difficult for anyone to see the plain truth and deliver justice accordingly. However,the dynamic changes when the other party is well-connected and the judges are influenced to interpret the law against you. I have come across people in such situation. What is equally frustrating is knowing how helpless you are despite knowing that you are given biased verdict. anyway, keep posting

  7. Hi Sir,

    Thank you for your comment.

    It was a plain truth but it almost took hell of a time to prove that....And it all happened because of a rude, arrogant and illiterate ward lady....I still regret a lot about the incident......

    Talking about the judges being influenced by a party.....its interesting to note in our case....Poor me on one side and even poorer lady on the other side....I didn't find scope and potential in two of us influencing a jugde in between......ha ha ha .....But I still know that a lady deserved to be taught a lesson.....but its Ok for me long she learned her mistakes.......

    thanks for visiting my blog and please keep visiting. don't forget to drop your valuable comments ...

    Kuenzang (PSN)

  8. Hurray! Happy for you, Kuenzang. You won the case. You were very frank and open in the preceding and this piece of your court case series. You expressed without any hesitation the kind of out rush of feelings and hatred we have towards others when we have done no wrong. It may not sound good generally though.
    And yeah, 'eye for an eye' will not only leave both the parties blinded but also defeat the very qualities unique to the considerate beings, human, as we are known. I understand your feeling of vengeance after going through all this pain and mental pressure for months. Woman's heart can be different, not always soft and kind. I hope you get what I mean to say here.

    It was an awesome read all throughout and I enjoyed every bit of it, Kuenzang sir. Thanks a lot for sharing the case and the agonies and sense of injustice that well up within a person when someone pulls your leg for no wrongs one has done. Happy weekends!

  9. Kunzang, as always, Your article really attracts me. You took me all the way from pregnancy to hospital, police and court. It was really interesting and am sure it wasn't an interesting experience to you that time. Anyways, Justice was just and am happy that you took a compassionate decision. I know you and thats you in real.
    God bless you for the curses she (innocent (may be)and ignorant lady) made against you.

  10. Thanks Lnaga and Lhendup for all your thoughtful comments. I really appreciate u guys for visiting my blog.

    please keep visiting.

    Kuenzang (PSN)


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