Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Architects of me; Makers of Kuenzang Thinley and Thank you words.

As we celebrate "Education day" I would like to take this time and space in remembering all my beloved teachers and thank them.

My Teachers in Ura Primary School

Late Tashi Phuntsho: He was our Head Master. It was through him that I got admitted to school. He made me a decent school going boy out of my rough village lad. He preferred canning students to discipline them  then resorting to "counseling" method, that's because he hailed form a old school of thought. He taught me how to sing our National anthem. He also taught few Bhutanese traditional songs.

Miss Karma Lhamo:She was my class teacher for 3 years (LKG, UKG and Class 1) It was through her that I learned,  that there are 26 alphabets in English; starting form  A stood for apple to Z stood for Zebra. She taught me that Circle and Square are two different shapes and that 1 and 2 are never equal. She also taught me that a ball of cheese will not serve school fee of Nu.10.

Mr. Nidup Tshering: He was my class teacher when I was in Class 2. It was he who  made me the class captain; not because I was "Good Boy" but for the "Good Naughty boy" Character I possessed.

Mrs, Geeta K.K: She was my class teacher in my 3rd grade. She taught me the multiplication table and its subsequent usage thereafter. She also taught me the charm of English words  by introducing me and friends to a "spelling game". From her, I also learned that all fruits contains vitamin C which protects us from catching cold.

Mr. B. Diamary: A man from Assam, India. He was my class teacher in my 4th grade. Apart from reading thermo meter, he also taught me how to measure wind speed and read wind direction.  

Mr. Shaji A.B: He was a man with multi talent. It was from him that I learned the fun side of Mathematics and science. He also taught me that writing story need not always start form "once upon a time" and that English language has many words with same or similar meanings.

Mr. R. Navanethan: He was a man whom Me and my friends referred to as a "Nado la" -the black man. He taught us to be honest and less naughty. (to which we did not give any heed) He disliked our habit of messing our school with white papers (because he is black). He was more of an administrator than a teacher because I remember him managing everything for us; -starting from ration to school maintenance.

Lop. G Tenzin: Let there be school in Ura and there was Lop Tenzin; -also known as "Lopen Gelong Tenzin". He taught Dzongkha all his life and taught it well. Like Lama, he never ran short of nick names for his students. He even had his own descriptions of village under Ura gewog. He later went on to become the Head Master of the School.

For me, He was a man who believed in giving his students not only second chance but third chance; if required. Today I thank him immensely  (Especially) for not terminating me from the school for all my foul acts. As a juvenile, I broke the store windows in want of newer text books, ran away from the school in hope of becoming driver and fought with my peers. In short i was as problematic lad in all aspects.  I was just 15 then. Like R Navanethan Sir, he also understood me in and out. He foresaw my future.

He may be the only person form teaching cadre, who went on to become Councillor in the Royal Advisory Council of Bhutan. His title got changed and his students lovingly called him "dasho Lopen".

My Teachers in Jakar High School 

Mr. Wangchuk Namgay: Principal of the school and I would rather call him the most  dynamic person. Even though he was not involved in my day-to-day academic curriculum, he taught me the importance of so called the "group discussion" and 'Group work. I went on to become a House captain (Red House) and I believe it was through hi recommendation
Mr. Phuntsho Dorji: My Class teacher in my 7th grade. He was a a man of less words who taught us both Bhutan history and world history.

Mrs. Dechen: She taught me Physics in my 10th grade. she was the most humble and humane female teacher I have ever met in my life. I believe she was the person behind, who nominated my candidature to the captaincy that year.

Mr. R. N Bhatacharjee: He often joined Sir Phuntsho in teaching us history lessons but he mostly taught us about the history of British Indians and the Civics of India.

Mr. Bhim: He taught me Chemistry starting from my 7th grade to 10th grade. He never spoke more than what was required. He was my class teacher in my 9th grade

Mr. Chandra: He taught me Biology with ease in my 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th grade. He was also our hostel warden; -good looking and fun loving  hostel warden. He was  "Mr. James Bond" those days because there were many unmarried lady teachers in the school.

Mrs Kezang Choden: She taught me Physics in my 7th, 8th, and 9th grade. She had a very charming personality and her smooth and polished teaching skills kept me all awake even during the sleepy afternoon classes.

Mr. Wangchuk Dorji:  He was my class teacher in my 8th grade. I knew him more as a singer than as a teacher. His silence spoke more than his words in the class. He taught us English in 8th grade.

Mr. L. B Cheetri: He taught us English in 7th grade and taught us well with  all the jokes he created himself. He made us laugh and laugh more. To control our laughter, he sometimes made our friends cry by canning them hard. -what an irony........ha ha ha.

Mr. Karma Tshering: He was a very sincere and serious teacher. He meant only business in the class. That is to do well in geography subject of 9th grade. He frequently checked our notes and reminded us to be up to date with all the lessons taught in the class.

Mr. Tashi Phuntsho: Man of Genius in mathematics. He taught us mathematics in 9th and 10th grade. He was also known for his candidness among students.

Mr. S. K Saha: He taught me Geography in my 7th and 8th grade. He continued teaching us but  not Geography. He taught us Economics. The law of demand and supply, the concept of economics and non economics, balance of payment,  law of marginal utility and diminishing marginal utility were some of the concept he taught us then.

Lop Ugyen Dorji: Apart from the regular Dzongkha lessons of Gyelse laklen, lekshed and da zhung, he was also our mess In-charge. He served us clean and decent meals. With the help of Dzongda, Dasho Pem L. Dorji, he also served us milk tea in the evenings and peeled potato curry every lunch.

Lop Choki Wangchuk: Apart form Dzongkha lessons, he also taught us some of the traditional songs like wangzhey. He was popularly known for his stories with lots of humor and love. He was often called as "Lopen Drukpa Kinley".

Lop. Ngawang Kuenchap: He was our  Driglam Namzha (etiquette) Teacher

My Teachers in Drukgyel High School:

Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Surror: was my Class teacher in my 11th and 12hth grade. He was the person who first introduced me to the concept of "debit and Credit" -the world of Accounting and book keeping. He also introduced me to the reality of commerce and business.

Miss Dr. Ambica: She supplemented my knowledge of Economics by introducing me to the concepts like Micro Economics and Macro Economics. She also taught me that anything I write are right and correct provided I prove it with enough substance.

Mr. Joan T.B: was another Black man I have come across in my life but for a purpose. He taught me new concepts in mathematics like calculus, differentiation and integration.  

Mr. K.C Jose: was a man of grammar and literature in one package. He taught me about the beauty and charm of  poetry. Today his definition of poetry still echoes in my mind and it goes like this "Poetry is a spontaneous over flow of power full feelings taking its origin in emotional tranquility" I drew lot of inspiration form his poetry lessons and wrote few poems as well. One of my class mate even quoted few lines during his assembly speech and it goes like this "nothing lasts forever so do the memories of midnight, when one say where love has gone". the Poetry lesson indeed was a "sight and sound" that often transported me to the "mystic level of experiences"

Mr. B. B Misra: He was a man who took me deep into the Shakespearean age. Truly "there was nothing either good or bad, our thinking made it so". He took me thorough the Shakespearean play; Hamlet, line by line and word by word. At the end of the lesson I couldn't agree more with Ben Jonson, when he went on to write "Shakespeare, you are rare"  on William Shakespeare's tomb as a Epitaph.

Lop. Namgay Phuntsho: was a man most misunderstood, because his care and love for students were interpreted as being strict and rigid by most of the students who availed boarding facilities in the hostel. He liked  honest pupils and he had the magic of detecting lies through their faces.

My Teachers in Sherubtse college:
Mr. Dorji Tshering: was the Principal of the college under whose decision the Sherubtse College functioned. He was known for his softness and stringent in usage of  Government funds. His loyalty to the Tsa-wa-sum is however unquestionable even today.

Dr. Daniel Lazer: was a the most irritating person I have come across because he fancied giving lot of assignments not only in the class but also during our breaks. He taught us Statistics and Financial Accounting in the first year and Taxation policy in the second year. 

 Dr. Rakesh Raman: was/is a man with world authority on Macro and micro economics. He took the classes in such a way that  no individual in the class left out. He had the enviable talent of dictating the notes while he was also  preparing for the next lesson on the board. He was an economic genius on many counts. 

Mr. Benarjee : was the longest foreign national who served in sherubtse in his capacity as the professor of Modern Business Organization (MBO), Business Law and Company law (mercantile Law). He taught me  MBO and Business law  in first year and Company law in my second year

Mr. Anthony Mosses: was a man known more for his qualifications than for his potential as a Teacher. Perhaps his weakness in English was to be blamed. He taught me Statistics in my first year and Business data processing in my second year.

Dr. R.K Visen: was a humble zamindar man who taught me Business Mathematics in my second year. Apart form the new concept like linear programming and magic of matrices, he further took me deep down the world of calculus.

Mr. Prakash: was a genius man in his own ways. He taught me Cot accounting and cost control analysis. He also enlightened me more with the concept like Economic Ordering Quantity (EOQ), Break even point and many more.

Miss. Reecha: well She was an interesting person too. Even though she didn't take nay classes for me, (my class) she was my class teacher when I was in my final year. Coincidentally, I was the class representative that year.  We  never actually  met each other the entire year until I went to collect my Character Certificate, She graded me with B+  I came back wondering whether it was her true assessment about me.(being class representative, I expected higher grade than that, perhaps A+..ha ha ha)

Lop Tenzin: He taught me Sum tak (the grammar) in my first year. He compared his teachings to   that of feeding sweets to the kids. no matter what 40; the pass mark was a thing of guarantee from his side. With as few as 10-12 students in the class, the whole class gets the attendance.

My teachers in Royal Institute of Management

Mr. Pema Wangdi:  He was our course Moderator. He taught us Corporate Finance
Mr. Karma P. Lodey: He taught us Enterprise Development
Mr. Damber Singh: He taught us Research Methodology and application of SPSS for data analysis
Mr. Jit Tshering: Taught us Project Management
Mrs Lungten: She taught us the Commercial Accounting and Costing
Mr. N.P Sharma: Taught us Government Accounting of the Royal Government of Bhutan
Mr. Sangay: He Taught us Tally
Mr. Pema Tenzin: Taught us BAS (Budget and Accounts Systems)
Mr. Kinga: Taught us Basic Computer Operation
Mr. Indraman Chetteri: Taught us Marketing and Human Resource
Mr. Norbu Wangchuk: Taught us Human Behavior and Organization

I would like to Thank all my Teachers from the bottom of my heart for making me who I am today. If seeing golden lungurs on the way was considered luck, fortune and wish fulfilling,  then I believe I have seen  enough of them.(no pun intended)

Thank you  
all and may god bless you all in life and after life.

Note: Since my stay in RIM was little less than a  year, I didn't have the luxury and time study my professors.


  1. Cool man, it was a long trip to 1980s going through your write up. Thanks for reminding me of my teachers, but I can't write like you to thank them just because I am lazy, nevertheless they are always remembered.

  2. I can't remember most of my teachers name but i can remember their faces.

    I would like to join you in thanking teachers across bhutan and world for their commitment and making us what we are now.

    Thank you all there.


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