Friday, November 4, 2011

Tibetan Market in Ahmedabad

Ever since the day I landed in Ahmedabad, its all been about surprises in my life.  Starting from being a lone foreign student in my class to fever that kills has always surprised me. If there is one thing in Ahmedabad that  I cannot come into terms with, then its is the Heat, the excessive heat of this tropical zone has always failed to please me (even with the fan).  It made me long for my home. It made me homesick and it also made me physically sick for more than 2 weeks. 

Now it's winter here. The nights have become cooler and and day even drier and hotter. But the most ironical thing is that we have jacket and sweater sellers here! They are Tibetans from North India. Interestingly, people of Ahmedabad are buying sweaters and jackets like a hot selling cake. I am amazed. I Couldn't believe that Ahmedabad is going to become that cold in winter that lasts about 20 days? 

I was actually out for a momo. -Tibetan delicacy, but had to come back with a jacket and blanket in my mind.