Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Banned Bhutanomics

Today morning, I met a very frustrated fella online. He said that life ain't cool anymore. He also said life in Bhutan sucks.  "Its crap here" He added further. At first I was awestruck and frightened. I simply did not know how to respond to his emotional outburst. So I took my own time and carefully framed my reply. I just asked him; "what happened!!!?" Then came his response; "People are banning every thing here". As I fumbled to respond further, he wrote; "Jedha they have now banned Bhutanomics also". That was quite a news for me. Later I got a twitter message confirming the ban; "Can u read @bhutanomics down there? Here in #Bhutan it's silenced quietly!" 

Any ways, Bhutanomics entertained me. Its been a  source of so many interesting happenings. I liked the satire part which has link especially to Bhutanese Political setting. Starting from various land scam to BOB's DMD.  From Tsheltrim to Minjur.  From Lyonchhen to Leki (Ulap) and from Zimba to Zangley. I think it has updates on all the famous Bhutanese personalities. Its understandable why my fellas in Bhutan will miss the Banned blog. Look at the list of Bhutanomics Hall of Fame. If Bhutan is curry then, these people are the very salt that adds taste. This I think is enough reason why Bhutanomics will be missed.

Bhutanomics Hall of Fame
They are all people who have the potential to either make or break Bhutan! I think any Bhutanese deserve to know both plus points and minus points of those individuals. By the way I really liked the critical views expressed in Bhutanmics. Its been an active online forum where people from behind the veils have often come out with truths that lied buried for eons. Its simply my opinion. I repeat again. Its simply my opinion. However there were also times when I felt some events and things being grossly exaggerated. I think every media does that and it's up to the readers to take up the message.

So in this internet age, I am skeptical whether this Ban will do any good to our, so called democratic society.


  1. But it is not banned in India, I think. can still see the website clearly displayed.

    What about there, sir?

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