Monday, January 28, 2013

Pani Puri Post

I had a tiresome day yesterday. After a day long sitting, reading and writing, a plate of Pani Puri, I thought would do wonder in soothing both my fatigues, both physical and mental. I was told that it brings back our vitality and strength. So in the evening  we (me and my room mate) went to a place called a Rasranjan, a world class place to eat panu puri. Clean and neat but not cheap. 

Back at Rasranjan, the queue was long. Like me, there were many people who have come to sooth their fatigue. In fact there were whole family who have come to relish and relax with pani puri!

So when my turn came, I ordered double plate.  Just for me alone. But before me, I have seen many people sharing just one plate. ha ha that's my appetite. Sometimes it horrifies myself to the bone too. Anyways I had two solid plates of pani puri and a plate of something which I cannot name it. It looked more like a milk though.

Wooww. that was was a real treat. It took me to the highest point of satisfaction. If someone was there to do some  economic analysis, they would have no doubt found me on my highest indifference curve.

Now for those people who do not know pani puri, you should perhaps travel to India to taste one. It is  available in plenty everywhere. Even in the slums. But I would always recommend you to find a nice-place-to-eat  all the time. And for the rest, I have just few words to describe it. Even a mere mention of it makes my mouth water.  So I call it a mouth watering food.

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