Friday, January 18, 2013

The Chief Election Commissioner of Bhutan

Dasho Kunzang Wangdi, The Chief Election Commissioner of Bhutan

In a few months time, Bhutanese people will be again going to pooling stations. We will be soon electing yet another set of lawmakers to our parliament! -Another set of leaders! Therefore I call this a big event. I sincerely think each one of us must play our part. Wholeheartedly and responsibly.

I am particularly happy for the fact that my king has given me this right. If Democracy is the process of Nation building then, it is an indication that my voice also matters in that process. My single vote, I think is more precious than the biggest diamond at this hour. Therefore I have no intention of wasting it. I want to play my part very responsibly. Its time for leaders to listen and subjects to speak. 

I am honestly grateful to ECB for making postal ballot facilities available for all of us who are away from home. This is a very remarkable achievement. I think this shows how our infant ECB has progressed with time. It still has a long way to go and it needs all our support and appreciation. 

Coming back to the Postal ballot, I was able to get myself registered for postal ballot through one and the only person, the Chief Election Commissioner of Bhutan, Dasho Kunzang Wangdi himslef. I owe him a very big 'thank you'. If there is one man in Bhutan, whose action speaks louder than his own words, Then it is this man: Dasho Kunzang Wangdi. I have never worked under him, but I wouldn't hesitate an inch to call him the most pragmatic bureaucrat I have seen so far. 

Many bureaucrats in his age have problem with social networks, especially Facebook. Many have banned  it  and many are planning to follow the suit. But I am totally amazed at the way Dasho used this important social network to his advantage. Who said Facebook is useless? I am actually wordless. It was humbling experience to see Dasho attending to queries personally with regard to our upcoming electionc on 'Social Democracy in Bhutan' page. I think dasho and his team are doing their best. They deserve our appreciation.

Lets all hope and pray for another successful election in our country.


Linda York Leaming said...

Bhutan is so lucky to have this remarkable man.

Anonymous said...

yea he deserves an applause.....hope u choose the right leader.

eDruk said...

i also truely believe that dasho is one person who is a real gift for Bhutan. high integrity and someone i have looked up from my school days and if i am lucky, i want to be a leader like him.


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