Monday, January 14, 2013

I Have Been Travelling a Lot

Of late, I have been travelling a lot. To make it brief, I have been revisiting the places in Ahmedabad. I have Been to Gandinagar, the capital city of Gujarat. I saw Narenrdra Modi, the most applauded man yet considered controversial by many in Gujarat and all Over India. I think I need more time to write about this man, but for now let me tell you, that Modi has his own charm. I really like the way he shared his dream-Gujarat with youths. Modi's education plan impressed me and I would definitely look forward to sending my daughters to study in Gujarat someday. 

Mathma Mandhir in Gandinagar

I saw Chetan Bhagat, who considers himself nothing less than a 'famous selling author' but there are people who thinks he is still a 'pathetic'  junk writer. Well, India is a largest democracy, so views varies. As for me, I think he is a genius in his own class. They way he talked more about his failures than his success showed his simplicity and humbleness. I saw lot of humanness in him. I would definitely like to read his works now. 

I saw Mrs.Tulsi, who played a lead role in erstwhile famous Hindi serial "Kumkum". People stood up with respect and awe when she entered the hall. And at my first glance, it made me think she was Modi's wife.  But I was grossly mistaken. By the way Kumkum has now aged huh....  I think she has gained lot of weight too. But she appeared ever more graceful. 

Lal Darwaza: Red Gate
I have been to the famous Lal Darwaza city. I tell you, its a city of its own class in Gujarat. I was told that most of the inhabitants of the city are Muslims. I was also told that before the present day Ahmadabad, Lal darwaza used to be the main city in Gujarat. Its a city full of life. If you are non veg then the right place to eat is located right next to the tin darwaza (shown in the picture) But I should warn you that the place really stinks with foul smell.

I prefer it calling Akhibara of Ahmadabad, because we get everything between sky and the earth. You name it and Lal Darwaza have it. 

And yesterday I have been to Kankaria Lake. I should tell you that its a world class beautiful place. I have been there already.  Twice to be exact. But yesterday was a special case because I was accompanying my Ahmedavi friend who have not seen Kankaria in decades. It was like taking a person from Lhasa to see the Potala Palace!

On my first visit, a security guard did not allow me to even chew gum. But once inside, its was different story altogehter. I thought he mistook me to a Singaporean. It has many things to see starting from wildlife zoo to botanical gardens. It has good ice cream shops and good restaurants. They sell tasty noodles...and many more..
Kankaria Lake

I think my friends had lots of fun. We rode in the speed boat. Hundred rupees per person for a ride that just lasted less than five minutes! I call it an economic nonsense! It was not worth at all. More over I was restricted to even take photographs. More nonsense. 

On my previous visits, it rained cat and dog. but yesterday it was the excessive sun did the damage. It made me lazy and sleepy. But nevertheless, I think my friends had a great time. I think they enjoyed bunjee jumping like a small kid. To me bunjee jump is like 'get yourslef ejected in the sky for Rs 50/-' it lasts less than a minute. Another economic nonsense......

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