Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cold Saturday Post

By Gujarati standard, the weather has suddenly become so cold here. Its windy and dusty outside. I have seen homeless people in the street wrap themselves up in the blanket and sleep like a log by the road side.  And inside my room, I am battling with the flu. Bad one. With each passing moment, my foots are going cold and my nose is getting stiffer. I have a sore throat. Not a bad one but enough to irritate me. I had fever and body ache yesterday and stomach disorder the day before but fortunately they are all gone today. 

At the moment, I think I am going high on lemon water. Because I have plenty of them. Thanks to my Gujarati friend who got me a bag full when I have just asked for few. By the way he is a very good friend of mine. He hails from a SEBC community (Socially and Economically Backward Class). Someday I would love to write about him too. 

Back home, I have seen people who are profoundly happy with first snowfall. Of course on Facebook! I have seen people over joyed like the freaks from tropics, enjoying their maiden snow sighting. humm highlanders getting frenzied with snow fall !!!!! I have also seen many who have expressed their regrets for not being home to enjoy the snowfall.

It is completely understandable. Seeing snow has now become so sacred. We all know its paramount ecological importance. And rightly, it is being observed as the public holiday all over the world (?) Moreover with climate change we are getting lesser and lesser snow each year. It is disheartening and we feel helpless at times. If our climate continues to change at this rate, then may be in our near future we may not see anything such as snow that falls in flakes from heaven. 

And the other thing that took me by surprise was the change of leadership in my work place. Without even hearing about my former boss's transfer, I saw a new boss who has taken over form him. One of my colleague told me that my new boss is a "Gentleman". Of course. Because anyone who is less than a gentleman might have difficulty fitting those large boots. I have seen how difficult and challenging it is for someone to work in Paro as the Regional Director of Revenue and Customs office. Personally, I call it a frying pan !!

My Former Boss. Mr. Younten Namgyal
Anyways, I am happy that I will be soon joining my office to work with another Gentleman as my boss. I would  like to extend my heartfelt congratulation to my new boss and wish him many many happy and fulfilling days ahead. 

However, I would definitely miss my former boss. By the way, I prefer calling him as my guide. Yea, I will miss him as my guide, who taught me the most important and valuable lesson of my life. He taught me about the importance of "non assuming things" in discharge of my bureaucratic duties. I took his words seriously and I am amazed that it brought me tremendous solace in my work place. More than that, I will miss his simplicity and warmth. It is through him that I fell in this blogging world. In short, he enabled me in discovering my passion for writing. I think it complimented my reading habit very well. So I thank him immensely and wish him good luck in his new place of transfer. 

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  1. kuenzang i really have to start writing now ..... i m getting totally inspired by ur writing .. u r just an awesome, free on the spot writer .....keep up !!!i m the ardent visitor of ur blog , love reading ur lines