Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lazy Sunday Thoughts

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Back home in Bhutan, today people must be enjoying the amended version of Pedestrian day. I don't know what good this policy will do to our environment and economy, both in short and long term, but as for now our decision makers seem to have deeply fallen in love for making laws and policies that require immediate amendments. For this matter TCA 2010 and Ped-day 2012 will go a long way in the history of Bhutanese law making.

For now, I hope our new and amended version of Ped-day have lot to benefit our economy and environment. I also hope to see fewer comments on Facebook and twitter ridiculing this policy. 

Now here is one thing that sounds frightening. I am in fact deeply worried with this news. Has China really included our lands which are currently considered as disputed areas into their new map? I am hoping that events reported in the news are not true. New map in Chinese passport has deeply affected the sentiments of many neighboring countries. This looks aggressive. Perhaps I am starting to understand this thing called "expansionist policy of communist China is". Such a policy could be detrimental to the peace and stability of the entire world. I may sound little crazy though but I am foreseeing a possible war between China and the Most of the Asian countries. (touch wood, World doesn't need any more wars)

Ok, here are some of the real lazy Sunday stuffs. I got up at half past eight. Cooked breakfast which my sleeping friends would have it as brunch sometime in the noon. As usual I tended to my flowers. Surprisingly to my delight, one plant was bearing a flower today. But to my disgust, a swarming ant colony has already started digging and building their homes in some of my flower pots.  

By the way today, I have been to Tibetan market. I met Aja Tashi Tsomo. I also bought a nice sweater from her shop. I am amazed that she recognized me at one glance. Not only that, she immediately offered welcome tea for me. This is common in Bhutanese tradition too. You see, Tibetans and Bhutanese share many such common traditions. I think this is the reason why I always enjoyed the intimate atmosphere among Tibetans. Sometimes I also get a deep conviction that I was once a Tibetan myself. Perhaps in my previous life! 

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