Friday, December 7, 2012

Pleasant Friday Post

Today I received a book Called "Legends of LEPCHAS, Folk Tales From Sikkim" from a very unlikely  source.  Her Name is Lilly D. Gyatso She is the blood sister of Yehsey Doma, the great author herself. I think Lilly and I  first came across on Facebook. Later It was through my blog that we deepened our friendship. I can't believe that without even seeing  or meeting each other we have become a family friends already. She is now a good friend of my wife too. By the way Lilly is mother of one and currently she works and lives in Nepal withe her family. 

You see, I have already worked for seven years. But not being able to take my family for a vacation, ........not even to the Hanuman Mandhir in Jaigon, has been the most regrettable affair of my life. But now with Lilly and her family in Sikkim, I am foreseeing a vacation for my family in Sikkim (at least) in my near future.

I thank Lilly for sending me the book. She must have really spent a lot on courier services and I know how much insufficient my mere "thank you" are to thank her. I am really looking forward to reading all the stories in the book. Bhutan and Sikkim share an unrivaled commonness Historically, Culturally, Linguistically, Geographically and  in Religion.

Therefore, Through this book, I would like to correlate folk tales of Bhutan with that of Sikkim's. I have already heard a lot of stories about Lepchas and Doyas of Bhutan too. In some of the stories, I have even heard that so called the Doya tribes in the South-West of Bhutan were the first inhabitants of Bhutan! Through this book I would also like to see whether stories in the book could give some clue as to validate the Legends of Bhutanese Lepchas and their close cousins, Bhutanese Doyas.

Thank you Lilly once again for the wonderful book and convey my greetings to author. 

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